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An: Herrn Joos Suter, CEO Coop

Stop the packaging mania for takeaway!

In recent years, the consumption of takeaway products has grown exponentially. Only a few minutes after use, the takeaway packaging ends up in the trash - or even worse - in nature. That's why we call on Mr. Suter, CEO of Coop, to stop the throwaway madness. Coop should systematically offer its customers reusable packaging, as well as allowing customers to use their own Tupperware in all takeaway restaurants. Sign our petition now.

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Warum ist das wichtig?

For years, Coop has promised to voluntarily curb plastic pollution in Switzerland. Although their 5 cent charge on plastic bags has already saved hundreds of tons of plastic, it is not enough to stop here.
Furthermore, about 840 million pieces of waste are carelessly thrown away every year in Switzerland - a third of which is food packaging. The cost of cleaning up is not paid by Coop, though. It falls on our communities. Additionally, the waste that remains in the environment, harms nature and ultimately all of us. We demand that Coop extend their successful measure of charging for single-use plastic bags, to ALL disposable packaging. In contrast to Migros, Coop has just started testing a reusable system in its restaurants, yet only in two branches. This statistic may be enough as a marketing front to serve Coop but this is not enough for all of us! Sign our petition now and help stop the packaging madness in the takeaway sector.


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